Frequently Asked Questions

Under the guidelines of our health plans, all the members of a family under the plan must all have the same benefits, as this is how the plan is priced.

No, our Personal Plans are not 'customizable,' as the plans are priced and rated based on the plans being consistent for all members. None of the benefits available to you in BasicPlan, ExtendaPlan® or OmniPlan®are refundable if they are not used. Such benefits can provide peace of mind, however, knowing they are always available if you do need them.

An Personal Health Plan Application Form is only needed when adding Hospital Cash or Prescription Drug Coverage.

Options can be added at any time.

When you move out of province, your plan will cover you for the remainder of that month plus two additional months at which time you should have valid provincial health coverage. Depending on which province you move to, additional premium or a refund may be necessary. Please be sure to notify GMS of your new address.

Our premiums reflect the cost of providing health care in and out of Canada - costs that increase over time. For example, in recent years, ambulance costs have risen 80% and the costs of wards and in-hospital drugs have increased significantly. Prescription drug costs have also risen dramatically due to substantial research & development costs. Given the added use of health care facilities and extended health benefits by a population that is aging, our premiums must reflect the costs we incur to provide consistent extended health coverage.

Hospital cash is a benefit that can be purchased with our BasicPlan, ExtendaPlan® and OmniPlan®

This benefit is not available for hospital stays for conditions in which you are awaiting, wait-listed or scheduled for hospitalization or surgery at the time of application.

if you were diagnosed with cancer in the 24 months prior to your application for this plan, this benefit is not available for any cancer-related hospital stays related to your original diagnosis of cancer

if you are pregnant when you purchase this plan, this benefit is limited to two (2) days for pregnancy-related hospitalization if you are under 22 weeks pregnant on the effective date of your coverage. This benefit is not available for pregancy-related hospital stays if you are over 22 weeks pregnant on the date your coverage is effective.