Frequently Asked Questions


Group Medical Services head office is located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Group Medical Services
2055 Albert Street
PO Box 1949
Regina SK S4P 0E3

phone 306.352.7638 toll-free 1.800.667.3699 fax 306.525.6360

Currently, we have a network of brokers offering our products in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan. Please call our Customer Care Centre toll-free at 1.800.667.3699 to find the broker nearest you.

Our policy for non-sufficient funds (NSF) payments reads as follows: When Group Medical Services (GMS) receives payment that, when deposited, is returned marked Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or Funds Not Cleared, GMS shall provide an opportunity for the payer to make proper payment or to arrange for a satisfactory payment schedule. A $25 fee will be collected from the payer by GMS to cover administrative and banking fees related to the returned payment. As well, all claims payments will be put on hold until full payment plus NSF fee is made. If payment is not received within thirty (30) days or the payment schedule is not adhered to, GMS will take the appropriate action. Effective April 1, 2010

To cover handling expenses, GMS charges $1 per pre-authorized debit payment and $25 per payment returned NSF or Funds Not Cleared.

a medical condition is stable if, during the period of time specified in the policy, you:

  1. have not received new medical treatment;
  2. have not been prescribed a new prescription drug;
  3. have not had a change in medical treatment;
  4. have not had an alteration in a prescribed drug;
  5. have not experienced a deterioration in your condition;
  6. have not experienced new, more frequent or more severe symptoms;
  7. have not had or required medical consultation to investigate symptoms that remain undiagnosed;
  8. have not required in-hospital care or a referral to a specialist, including initial follow-up visits, tests or investigations related to the medical condition and pending results; and/or
  9. do not anticipate further medical treatment after departure from your province of residence.

A medical emergency is a sudden, unexpected, unforeseeable and/or urgent happening that is acute and poses an immediate risk that requires immediate medical consultation and/or medical treatment. In the case of a medical emergency incurred during your trip, a medical emergency no longer exists when the medical evidence indicates that no further medical treatment is required at your destination, or indicates you are able to return to your province of residence for further medical treatment.

Save a Quote

It allows you to save a quote, retrieve it within 60 days of creating it, complete your purchase at a later date, and receive email notifications about the quote.

You can save a quote for all of our products available for purchase online: Replacement Health or Personal Health Coverage, TravelStar® Travel Insurance, and Immigrants & Visitors to Canada.

Complete an online application to the point where a quote is generated and you’ll have the option to click the blue “Save For Later” button that appears on the application screen. When you save the quote, you'll receive an email notification with a PDF copy of your quote.

You can retrieve saved quotes through your email. Open the email notification received after saving your quote and click on the “Buy Now” button to return to the application. Your purchase can now be completed.

Saved quotes are valid for up to 60 days. You'll receive an email notification 10 days before the quote expires.

No. A quote isn’t guaranteed. A number of changes to the saved quote, such as a change in age or rate changes, could impact the quoted premium. We will automatically update any current saved quotes to reflect price changes. If there is a price change you'll be notified when you open a saved quote. The rate will be updated and a pop-up message will inform you of the updated premium. The expiry date is also always noted on the quote PDF.

Yes. By returning to the original quote and saving it again. The new quote will be re-saved for another 60 days. Please note a new quote number will be issued.